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Cava Grande - Cassibile

Cava Grande – Cassibile

Lush nature reserve with canyons carved by the Cassibile river & Mediterranean flora & fauna.
Location: Contrada Avola Antica, 96012 Avola SR, Italy
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Fontane Bianche

Fontane Bianche

A short drive from Villa Jasmine and only fifteen kilometres away from the centre of Siracusa you will find Fontane Bianche, the main seaside resort of Siracusa.

Fontane Bianche is called after the many freshwater springs of the old town just outside the walls of Siracusa. Today it is one of the best known and most popular seaside resorts of the region, land of holiday homes and hotels. A vibrant, young resort with a great many pubs, restaurants and clubs, Fontane Bianche offers great beaches and night life.LEARN MORE

Mount Etna

Mount Etna

Mount Etna, active volcano on the east coast of Sicily. The name comes from the Greek Aitne, from aithō, “I burn.” Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe, its topmost elevation being about 10,900 feet (3,320 metres). Like other active volcanoes, it varies in height, increasing from deposition during eruptions and decreasing from the periodic collapse of the crater’s rim. In 1865 the volcanic summit was about 170 feet (52 metres) higher than it was in the early 21st century. Etna covers an area of some 600 square miles (1,600 square km), and its base has a circumference of about 93 miles (150 km)

There are various excursions available for mount Etna covering crateri Silvestri & trekking through natural path of Parco dell’Etna or Etna high altitude.LEARN MORE


Ortigia, Siracusa

This offshore island was occupied by the Greek colonists who fortified it and constructed the earliest structures, including the temples of Athena and Apollo, whose remains can still be seen today. It as a small island which is the historical centre of Siracusa. The island, also known as Città Vecchia (Old City) and contains many historical landmarks.

Ortigia, being an island just off the coast, was easily transformed into a natural fortress with harbours and was big enough that it could hold a significant population in ancient times. Therefore, the history of Ortigia is synonymous with the early history of Siracusa


Ortigia is located at the eastern end of Siracusa and is separated from it by a narrow channel. Two bridges connect the island to mainland Sicily. The island is an extremely popular place for tourism, shopping, entertainment and also a residential area.LEARN MORE